Marathon runner and Klein Landau partner David Landau designed a web site  and t-shirt to motivate friends and family to stay active and fit. The t-shirts depict a hardworking runner leaving the Grim Reaper, the universal representation of mortality, in the dust. David also created a cyclist version with the Grim Reaper lagging behind to show the importance of exercising and generally living a healthy lifestyle.

The tag line “Make Him Work For It” provides a message meant to acknowledge sober reality but with a sense of humor. Is there any other way to approach reality?

David’s motivation was altered when he learned about Iram Leon, a runner with incurable brain cancer, and his young daughter, Kiana. Iram ran a full marathon while pushing his only child in a stroller and ended up winning the race.

David was inspired by Iram’s story, reached out to him and the two have become friends. Iram loved the concept behind the t-shirts and continues to wear them in his running races He is beating the odds and competes regularly not only in 10Ks and marathons but Spartan obstacle course races as well.

As a result of Iram’s incredibly positive outlook on life, David decided to donate all of the profits from the sale of MakeHimWork shirts to a college fund that had been created for Kiana.

Pay It Forward

Like Iram, thousands of runners, cyclists and other fitness buffs around the country advocate MakeHimWork’s message. They share the belief that being fit will allow them to stay ahead of the Grim Reaper as long as possible.

Buy a t-shirt , enrich a life.

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